Not A Paper - Research Snippets that were not published.

What is this about?

This blog contains information that I could not publish as a research paper because of different reasons:

However, as a researcher I feel responsible to let others know what I'm doing. Maybe it's just, that I want to be recognized or tell others that I have at least a clue of what I am doing although I haven't published anything related to that topic.

Who am I?

Hannes Rauhe, PhD Candidate at Database and Information Systems Group TU Ilmenau in cooperation with SAP AG. I'm working on the topic of co-processors in database management systems, especially in-memory column stores. I'm part of the research team at the SAP HANA department.


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If you have questions you can also contact me via social media or write an e-mail to comments[at]notapaper[d.o.t]de

Feel free to use encryption, here is my public key.

About this blog

Now and then I will change things written in past articles. I will mention that, but you can also watch changes on the github-page of this blog.

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